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:star: i finally made a youtube channel. :star:

i admit i'm freaking out a bit, but i hope it's worth it. if there's any specific thing you wish to see WRITE IT DOWN XDD

anyway, yeah.. here's the link:…

i was wondering why suddenly favs and watches came raining upon my feed out of nowhere! but then i saw it ; A ;
it's like a dream waaaaaaa *violent ugly sobbing*
i never ever thought something like that would ever happen to me ; - ;
and i probably won't be able to sleep tonight haha

:star: don't forget to check out the tutorial for this drawing!
Black's Coloring Tutorial by BLACKlbutterfly
i created an instagram account! it's nearly a miracle since i don't even own an apple/android device myself O v O
but my brother does, and now it's time to take advantage of that >:D

follow me there to see tons of daily sketches and other useless art! :iconfinallyplz:

if you have any questions in mind, throw them overthere~
(formspring account)
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peace be upon all of you
i hope you all are doing great!
so the thing is, a friend posted this interesting vid on facebook, and when i watched it i felt so lost ._. i felt so guilty and i felt as if i wasn't doing what i was supposed to do in my life!
Here's the video:

Image Description

for all of you who don't know, i'm muslim, and in islam everyone has the duty of delivering the message of islam to as much people as possible, to salvage them!
it's really unfair for us to be the only ones enjoing this huge blessing of islam without the others even knowing about it!
so the least we can do is to spread word about islam and let the others know what it's all about, and then choose for themselves what they think is right!
those tears of that crying woman really shattered my heart,
it is partially our fault, it truly is! i just still don't know what to do..
for all muslims reading this, opinions are very much appreciated!
لكل المسلمين الذين يقرؤون ، آراءكم مهمة !

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hi guys, doing requests was fun and usefull, and seeing you satisfied with the results has really driven me forward~
so a big THANK YOU for all of those who requested :iconluvluvplz:
i'll have to stop for a while since i'll be busy the next few months,
but of course i'll do the requests currently on the list so don't worry!!
i'll see you soon :heart:

شكراً لكل من طلب مني الرسم لأن هذا ساعدني في صقل موهبتي أكثر ^0^
سأتغيب أكثر الأيام القادمة لذا لن أستقبل طلبات جديدة ،
لكن سأعمل جاهدة على تنفيذ الطلبات الحالية ^^

Hi everyone,
suddenly i have this huge amount of time with not so much to do,
so i thought why not do some sketching and improve my style a little bit?
instead of asking my siblings about their requests (obviously they don't give a damn <.<)
i thought i might try and start a free requests journal here :D

please read before requesting!

slots are limited (4) until i finish the entire batch, requests will be closed!
you can request any simple drawing (one character), it won't be neatly inked and colored, i mean.. it's a sketch afterall!

:star::star: Examples :star::star:
tama 3 by BLACKlbutterfly               tama 2 by BLACKlbutterfly               tama 1 by BLACKlbutterfly

:star::star: How to request :star::star:
* just type a comment on this journal! AT LEAST ONE REFERENCE should be included.

* if you want a specific pose, link another good reference!

* if you have any additional notes please feel free to state them.

* you are free to use the sketch however you like, but i'll be glad if you credit and link back here :D

* 3 sketches max. per request ^^

* i would like it if you feature my art or this journal in your profile to help me get more requests! it's definately not obligatory, but it'll make my day!

* i have the right to decline your request.

* i won't draw:
   - yaoi/yuri/hentai/ecchi..etc.
   - nudity and very revealing outfits.
   - animals
   - mecha
   - backgrounds!

:star::star: Slots :star::star:
1. :icony-anoh: <<< done…
2. :iconmiisora-chan: <<< done…
3. :iconm-diamond: <<< done
4. :iconpete-the-elite: <<< done…

5. :iconchronolex: <<< done
6. :iconasjad-chan: <<< done
7. :iconyunicka:
8. :iconkristl-air:
i hope this works somehow :iconlazycryplz:
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yes, i'll be busy trying to save my a** from getting an F T__T
compulsory studying regimen has started!
wish me the luck of the vampires ( any saga of darren shan fans here? <.< )..
and prayers would be helpfull too eheh~
so, i shouldn't be wandering about here for almost 2 months,
if anyone saw me here before then, PLEASE MAKE ME REGRET IT!! LOL
i'll missssssss YOU ALLLLLLL~
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Welcome everyone !

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 3, 2012, 1:23 PM

yay! one-day premium membership!
i had to write a journal :D
only few weeks are left before the suffering resumes, i don't think i did a lot of accomplishments in my vacation, but at least i wasted my time to the point of missing my books and college :heart:
well, i guess entering DA was something huge, it sure has a competitive atmosphere that drives one to grab the tablet for days non stop! that'll definately hopefully help me improve my poor skills.
I just love competitions/ challenges/ art-trades or anything that'll contain drawing with others! it's so fun!! ( well.. maybe when i actually have the time <.< )

To do list:
Eid challenge
Berry-very contest
kiroko's request
my manga T.T

if you have any questions or you want to drop by and say hi :3 don't ever hesitate! the comment box awaits!
( Arabic is my first language :heart: )

*CSS by BaB-Jane
*Stock by Ginnyhaha-Stock
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